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This page is for Memories, lets see where do I begin ?? Being a grandmother and great -grandmother. I do have a few!! We have had dogs all our lives, the boys had beagle puppies 30  years ago running around on the same 20 acres we live on today.. My husband had Walker Coon Hounds at that time as well. we had a little black and white puppy that was in our house . A friend brought it out to me , needing a home, I had never heard of a Shih Tzu at that time.Mind you this was some 30 years back, Fluffy was just that a gorgeous ball of fluf, we had her for many , many , years, she grew old with my boys , but our love for our Fluffy always stayed with us, and we have always remembered her fondly.
Since that time we have purchased pure , registered , shih tzu, yorkies, Norwich terriers, a few beagles are still here. and we have developed a love for our French Bull Dogs. like the love we have for fluffy, the Walker Coon hounds, and remaining line of Beagles,
We spend nights sitting up with them having babies, we sit up when one is "like our babies" and a little under the weather, till we can get them to our vet the next morning. We learned how to be a dr. and know what is wrong if one doesn't act just perky, they are like having children, only children can tell you where it hurts.. You truly are the caregiver, but in return they lick away you worries, They tilt their head and listen to your worries, then  they beat you with their waggin tail, and yes! the Flat faced Frenchies,  occassionally you think they are going to gas you to dealth..usually after you have given them a bite of your food, shame on you!! but you live thru it!!...
Give it a try.. the rewards are priceless.!! 
above our Jodie the start of all our shih tzu's and house pet for 15 years  and Buggsey the first French Bull Dog we ever owned
photo below is him when little !!! ( he has remained in our home ever since and has babies all over this U.S.A. as well as in our kennel)
              2013  looking out our window!!



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