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  1. Ada won cutest dog in Strut Your Mutt in Montana,,Thanks for sharing this Mark and Melanie,, So glad you chose our Shorkie!! 
  2. Hello Janice,
    Sorry its been so long since my last response with the holidays things have been crazy but i wanted you to know we could not be happier with our puppy the name we chose to give her was skyla and she healthy happy and loved!! Thank you so much for her she means the world to us, here are a few pictures!! Hope you had a great christmas and a happy new year
    !     Rachael and Justin 




    Hi Janice!
    Just 2 quick questions.  First, is it possible to get photos of the "moms"?  Second, of the two pups I like, which one would allow you to hold her like a baby on her back, belly up, while in your arms?  I understand that is a good guge of a docile dog.  It's so hard to determine which dog when we are so far away!
    Thanks for your help!

I understand your questions completely!!
as far as holding on their backs,, I do that test thing of exercises  from birth, and all my puppies let me turn them upside down' flip over and come when called, and they love laying on their backs and just put their paws on their chest , I even blow gently in their faces , pinch (gently) their paws, this conditions them to have their nails cliped better.. at the same time they romp and tackle their mates while playing and I hollar heh now!! and they quit and look at me when I am in the nursery.. I pull the ears gently ,and tails from birth , the (experts) suggest this  because a family may have a young child and the puppy needs to know this can not hurt them.. I also have a radio on 24/7  my puppies come socialized completely.. the best they can be prepaired,,they are started on potty training, but I do not quarantee this because it can takes up to 4 months to hold the kidneys for awhile.. they are babies..
hope this helps ,,The henry's
Janice & Jerry
2100 Burlington Rd
417-924-3563 central time

  1.    Hi Janice!
    Just wanted to let you know we have named our girl Piper and her vet appointment went just great!  She weighed in at 4.2 pounds with compliments to you from the vet for her nice round belly, series of shots, and overall good health.  She has already wrapped her little self around our hearts!  Her potty training is going VERY well and she is sleeping quietly in her crate at night, only quietly wimpering to tell me she needs to go out.  (Fortunately, only once in the middle of the night then early in the morning!)  She is of course a true mouthy puppy, but we are working on our "dog language" to let her know we don't appreciate having our pants and toes nibbled on!
    Thanks again for all your help.  Piper is the most wonderful addition to our family!!!!
    p.s. feel free to use this in your testimonials if you want!  I will put the contract in the mail Tuesday



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