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We got smoke out of TENN. and our   son , Marty  & daughter in law Regina . drove and brought him home  ..  ..   also we have purchased 2 young girls ( unrelated by(pedigree)  to start our line of blues.. please see the puppy pix below of  Gypsy Rose , and Balboa blue sky  both very nice girls.. and YES . I will be taking a waiting list . if you want on .. IT may be up to 1 year before Able to fulfill but do call ...    Balboa Blue Sky  at 8 weeks old.. above (red) border  really nice girl and making a better looking YOUNG DAM!!
above in 2015  since this post she has given me my next blue sire.. from a friends Darling Blue Boy,, , and I am hoping my Cadillac Jack , (solid Blue)  proves to be as nice.!! 
Young "Emmie Lou"  can be a blue producer  but instead I bred her to cream and o!!! my gosh look at this little man sorry he is sold nearby...            I kept back 2 gorgeous girls that look just like him !!  look for them in 2017!!! I have a prince Harry waiting on them to be  courting age!!  I love my Frenchies!!!!!
Below is our SMOKEY Mt. MAN!!!!!!!
Smokey Mt . Man
  My  Litter from Smokey born December 11th 2013
 Ready to leave for forever homes at 8 weeks old  Flint ..going to Candice's when old enough
 Blue Zorro!found his home in Colorado!!!then    Today NOV2014
 then little female bluetale found her home in Columbia , mo     

This is 1 of our first solid blue girls from  DEDE and my friends Darling blue man!Rose 



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