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Thanks to the internet!!! For once HSHUS didnt confuse everyone!! Enough of us hard headed Missourians listed to the right people , and by a slim margin We saved the farm!!! thank you all that took the time to attend meetings and getting out and voteing this past Tues.. Together~~ we passed the farm amendment #1 
 WELL our Friends  :(   the HSUS are at it again.!!!  :(  . please stay on our toes this year and become informed on the "Right to Farm act " to be on our ballots .. WE , YOU and ME need to KEEP our Farming rights.. and not let the extremest rule our DEAR STATE of MISSOURI!! 1/19/2014  will print more as I have the facts!!!!!
Thank YOU Govenor Nixon, for signing Sb 113 , and 161  to allow us to continue doing what we love doing, raising healthy , happy  puppies  !!
SB 161 – Truly Agreed and Finally Passed – Proposition ~~Proposition B, the so-called “Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act,” – was not about preventing people from operating puppy mills. Proposition B was the first step in an attempt to end animal agriculture in the state of Missouri. There are over 100,000 farmers in this state – many of them raise livestock. In the words of the organizations that sponsored the measure – the Human Society of the U.S. “My goal is the abolition of all animal agricuculture   John “J.P.” Goodwin, HSUS grassroots coordinator, statement made on AR-Views, an animal rights internet discussion group
Bad people will always do bad things. The current “puppy mills” in Missouri are already operating in violation of our laws.
We can stop illegal breeders from operating here without hurting legitimate businesses. The Humane Society thinks that we cannot legitimately raise animals for food; they think that animals are equal to humans. This is insane.


Most of Missouri’s dog breeders are small family operations that raise dogs because they love them, and they want to supplement their income. Proposition B would have literally put them out of business – while those already operating illegally will continue to do so. Unchanged, Proposition B would have hurt all dog breeders. Our proposal increasesfunding to look for puppy mills and shut them down without hurting legitimate farmers.


If you suspect someone is operating an illegal puppy mill and want to help us shut them down, you can report unlicensed breeders to state officials at from operation bark alert at:


The Governor has already signed the bill into law.  Thanks to the those of you who worked so hard by making phone calls, sending e-mails  and making trips to Jefferson City to help this become law.

Visiting our Elected  Officials!
our Elected Officials,  in Jefferson City are trying to help you be able to buy Healthy , Happy , well Socialized puppies, by adjusting Prop b.. and Keeping Honest breeders , Honest.. and able to continue to bring you puppies!!
Please Know that we are now ONE OF THE BEST states to purchase YOUR pet from .. because WE are inspected by 3 inspectors  2 x per year , and requirements are extremely HIGH . Some more so than for Foster children..  SO please KNOW YOUR puppy has had the best of care for its first 8 weeks of life prior  to your getting HIM/HER~~~ IF  from a LICENSED BREEDER FROM the STATE OF MISSOURI ..  Which  I am  and I AM PROUD TO SAY IT!!!     



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