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About Us
 We are located on 20 acres and between retirement and employment.((Too old to work and too young to retire, as the old saying is!!)  We have raised 2 great Sons and have 7 amazing grandchildren and 2 Amazing Great-grandaughters! We truely are quite blessed!!  We all love puppies!! we have cattle and chickens, and live for farming (small time) which is fast becoming a thing of the past. We love the benefits of small time living, peacefull , and rewarding  daily from our animal's  wiggley waggley tails!!! 
Our puppies receive the best of care , they are spoiled from  the grandchildren , and handled daily from us. We have one of the best bull dog specialist in our area ,for our Frenchies,  Dr. Kenneth Mallord , who is fast becoming known across state lines as a repoduction specialist..
We also have  Dr. Hubner who has been working with us since the beginning as well as with our house pets of 20+ years..  He does a hands on inspection of ALL our dogs at least 1 time yearly and sees our Frenchies Many , Many times before and after birthing..

We belong to the MBPA and a local chapter .Our goal is to educate ourselves and others of changes in the puppy vaccination progams, and preventive medicine  always striving to keep up with changing needs. 

We love our puppies and must have great homes to place them in when they leave ours. For this reason we do ask many questions ourselves when you are adopting one of our puppys and love to have pictures of them as they grow and become adult dogs in your home..
thanks and please look thru our past puppies and new puppies as well.As we update our site 
We stand on the promise s of the HOLY Bible , and believe in
 treating others as we would
want to be
God Richly Bless you and yours.



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